People are very conscious of their weight. When they see that they exceed the normal weight they should have, they worry and go on a diet and perform regular exercise. But if they go to the moon or where there is no gravity pulling them down, they become weightless. The earth has a gravitational force that pulls anything down towards the surface when it enters its atmosphere.

Weight is equal to the force applied on a person or any object by gravity at the Earth’s surface. When measuring your weight, you measure it by the standard unit of pounds or kilograms. The mass of a person is different from weight because mass is the amount of material inside an object or a body. If you take an airplane on the moon, its mass remains the same but its weight is different than when it was on Earth because of the absence of gravity on the moon. The different planets have different levels of gravity therefore the weight of an airplane on Earth will not be the same on Jupiter.

When you are in an elevator that is free falling, your weight is at 0 because there is no force exerted on your body. If you can only measure yourself with a weighing scale while you are falling off a building, you will also experience no weight at all. This is called weightlessness or the absence of weight. When you are out in space, you will also be weightless because of the lack of gravity pulling you down.

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