Segmented Lens

What is a telescope Lens? A telescope Lens comes in different sizes. One may find one in the form of a small plastic toy; another may find a telescope Lens that is worth millions of dollars. There are telescopes found in science laboratories all over the globe, there are telescopes in observatories, there are even telescopes built into cameras. What all these telescopes Lens have all in common is that they make what seem miles and miles away, or far away, appear much closer. How does this work?

Well, a telescopes Lens contain a refractor, or a tube that is used to change the pathway of light that comes into the telescope. The light entering is refracted, and eventually meets at a focal point. The image is then focused, and seemingly enlarged.

What are the types of Lens available? Telescope lenses are typically categorized by the shape of the lens and how curved the lens is. The basic types of lens shapes are the concave and convex. A lens that has a convex side and a concave side is a convex concave. This type of lens is the one that is made us in glasses. Other kinds exist, which are known to magnify things that are far away.