Star Party

If you feel bored observing the sky on your own or would like the company of other people who share the same passion, you can organize a star party, the gathering of astronomers and fellow star gazers. Some star parties may be a whole night affair, such as the ones you may organize with your neighbors, but larger events may take days, even weeks for enthusiasts to spend time together.

Location is important when putting together your own star party. You would need a secluded spot away from bright city lights in order to maximize your viewing. You will also need to consider a place where there is relatively low rainfall so that clouds do not obscure your view of the stars. Alternately, you can choose a specific time for your star party so that you know that the sky remains clear.

If you do not have the resources to organize your own star party, you can check regional or national events where you can participate to hone your own astronomical skills or just share some time with other hobbyists or professional astronomers. You would just need to find out other details like registration fees, board and lodging, transport costs and the likes so that your star party will be a memorable one.

With your enthusiasm coupled with others who share your same passion, your hobby will become more meaningful and the sight of the stars on a clear night will not just be yours to cherish.

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