There is absolutely no life without the presence of light. Vision is not possible without the ability of the sun to illuminate objects. Even if the sun is 150 million kilometers away from earth, its rays are capable in providing the proper amount of heat and light needed for living things to survive. The Sun is a star that provides light to earth at every rotation, half of the world then is covered in darkness. However, the world isn’t completely covered in darkness because of the ability of the Moon to reflect the Sun’s rays back to the Earth.

The concept of a space mirror works very much like the mechanism of the moon. With the presence of a space mirror, possibility of light in any surface comes to fruition. For example, a mirror in orbit around a planet like Mars could duplicate Earths conditions.

Terra-forming, or providing warmth to a patch of another planet’s surface for the possibility of habitation is at present still fiction. However, the scheme is not entirely impossible, as sunlight can be reflected through the use of orbiting mirrors.

Another use of such space mirrors is to reflect images back to telescopes, so that not only a single view can be used as resource. A mirror the size of a football field when launched into the Earth’s orbit just like a satellite could provide high-resolution images from space, and better aid telescopes limited with views only from the Earth.