Rich Field Telescope

There are a lot of things that has been said about our galaxy. There is no doubt that increased magnification would give you a beautiful view of celestial bodies, the Moon, the planets and details of sky objects. To see them properly, a Rich field telescope would come in handy. This is a fast focal ratio reflector that gives wide-angle views of star clouds, nebulas and large galaxies.

After all, this telescope is known to provide an immense view of the sky itself. What is a Rich Field Telescope (RFT)? They are actually low power telescopes with immense field of view. They offer some of the advantages of the binoculars where large areas of the sky may be scanned through them.

There are viewing techniques that will take in a large area of the heavens. These are very useful because some celestial objects will not fit into a narrow field. Also, many large galaxies have a very low surface brightness. It means the area is large and dim, therefore they can only be seen when surrounded by dark sky. Large deep objects are easily observed when there is some contrast between them and their surroundings. Only a wide field of view will provide that contrast.

To take advantage of a true rich field telescope you must have a small compact scope. These can be hand held or mounted. They are very portable and easy to use. This should provide you with views of the Milky Way that are truly breathtaking. This is something that you and your family would certainly enjoy doing.

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