A Lunar Magnetometr

A magnetometer is the instrument that scientists use in order to measure the direction and/or strength of the magnetic field within the scope of the instrument. Magnetism differs from one place to another so it is important to measure how strong the magnetic field is in a specific location in the Earth’s magnetic field or the Earth’s magnetosphere. Magnetosphere is created when the planet’s natural magnetic field deflects the Sun’s charged particles such as the solar wind. Different interaction may occur in specific areas within the Earth’s magnetosphere resulting to different degrees of magnetism. In addition, different nature of rocks may also after the strength of the magnetism in an area.

Magnetometers are important instruments used by those love to explore planets. On Earth, it is used to conduct electromagnetic geophysical surveys like magnetotellurics and magnetic surveys which are done to identify the mineralization and geological structures. Magnetometers are also used in airborne geophysical surveys to detect variations on magnetic field due to mineralization. It is also useful in detecting archaeological sites and other objects buried on the ground or submerged in water. It can be used to detect magnetic anomalies, too. It is important in the military in order to spot submarines.

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