L Chondrites

The L chondrite, also known as the L type of ordinary chondrites, is very common in spite of its relatively unknown status. They account for around 30 % of the categorized type of meteor, and around 40 % of the normal kind of chondrites.

The name “L chondrite” is derived from their low level of iron, as opposed to those chondrites with high levels of iron, known as the H chondrites. As for the characteristics of the L chondrite, it contains fayalite of about 25 mol %. It also contains about 5 to 10 % of nickel, which is observed as a metal. Thus, these types of meteorites are somewhat magnetic, although not as powerful as the H chondrites.

The usual minerals that are found in the L chondrite are olivine as well as hypersthenes. Nickel-iron and troilite are also observed to be found in the L chondrite. Because of the various kinds of minerals that are found in the chondrite, the meteorite usually experiences a strong kind of heating up.

Interesting to note is that when studied relative to other types of chondrites, a large part of the L chondrites have been observed to be very much devastated. This shows that the chondrite may have suffered from a strong impact.

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