What is hydrazine? What is it and why haven’t you heard of it? It is an organic chemical compound that is odorless and flammable. It is a liquid that smells like ammonia since it is derived from the same industrial chemical processes; though the physical properties of this chemical is closer to water.

It is toxic and a very dangerous unstable chemical compound. It is used mainly to serve as foaming agent in the preparation of polymer foams. It is also used as precursor to polymerization catalysts and pharmaceutical companies. It is also being utilized for us as rocket fuel.

It is also essential in nuclear and conventional electrical power plant to control dissolved oxygen. It is also used to minimize corrosion.

This chemical compound is utilized as a precursor to blowing agents. Additionally, sodium azide which is a gas-forming agent in air bags is also derived from hydrazine.

It serves as excellent propellant on board space vehicles in order to minimize the concentration of dissolved nitrogen and to control the water’s ph level.

This compound was first utilized as rocket fuel during the Second World War under the code hydrazine hydrate. It is also being used as monopropellant to maneuver thrusters of spacecrafts.

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