. It may have formed over many years. Galaxies could be formed from ten to thousands of galaxies. Galaxy clusters seem to be a group or plenty of galaxies joined together by mutual pull of gravity. There are irregular galaxy clusters and regular galaxy clusters.

Irregular galaxy clusters have lesser masses and absence of a well-defined center. Regular galaxy clusters have a well defined core and a spherical shape.

A galaxy cluster also has large structures. These are superclusters, the great attractor, and voids, sheets and filaments. Superclusters may have huge mass, approximately ten million billion suns. The great attractor shows enormous motions with peculiar velocities. The voids, sheets and filaments show a bubbly appearance that its galaxies are situated to sheets and filaments.

Just recently, scientists have discovered the most distant galaxy cluster they could find. They named this galaxy cluster, SXDF-XCLJ0218-0510.

Knowing about galaxy cluster is important because it tells a lot of stories about the universe. It lets us know about the environment that nurtured the formation of galaxies. If you are curious about the universe and its structure, you must learn of its components like the galaxy clusters. It helps you understand the universe itself.

Galaxy Clusters