How many times do you pass by your favorite ice cream parlor in a week? If you answer five times a week, then it is how frequent you pass by your favorite ice cream parlor in a week. That?s the simplest explanation of frequency. It is the number of times or the repetition of a certain action over a period of time.

In Physics or Astronomy, frequency is defined the same way but in a different aspect. In these subjects, frequency can contribute on how a radiation can be produced. To produce a greater amount of radiation, higher frequency is needed. In this case, electromagnetic waves need to swing back and forth more frequently to create the much needed amount of radiation. Unit of measure for frequency is called Hertz and it is equivalent to 1 cycle per second.

There is also other importance of knowing what frequency is about. Scientists use the importance of frequency in getting more details about things from the outside Earth, like the Milky Way. They can create images from the outer space by observing the wavelength of energy emitted by the things from space. They can observe and create images using X-Ray, infrared and gamma rays.

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