All of us may have considered what if we aren?t the only intelligent form of life in the universe. What if, light years away, are living beings who think and act like us? Or maybe beings with way, way advanced technology, and are studying us from afar? Some people doubt the existence of extraterrestrial life, but we also don?t have any evidence that life elsewhere in the universe do not exist.

Are we really alone? According to the latest study, most people in the United States (more than 60% of the study) believe in extraterrestrial life. The universe is just too big for Earth to be the sole planet to support life. In fact, we can look to

Face on Mars?

Earth?s closest neighbor, Mars. There is enough evidence that life was present on Mars, maybe a billion years ago. Traces of water and proper setting for life have been found, so it may have possible supported life billions of years ago.

Astrobiology, a study of possible life outside Earth, is an authentic and formalized field of science. NASA has funded programs to find extraterrestrial life in the universe. So far, the science has still a lot to learn and discover, and we can only speculate for now.