Earth Profile

Mass: 5.98 x 1024

Diameter (km): 12756

Mean density (kg/m3): 5520

Escape velocity (m/s): 11200

Average distance from Sun: 1 AU (149,597,890 km)

Rotation period (length of day in Earth days): 1 (23.93 hours)

Revolution period (length of year in Earth years): 1

Obliquity (tilt of axis degrees): 23.4

Orbit inclination (degrees): 0

Orbit eccentricity (deviation from circular): 0.017

Mean temperature (K): 281

Visual geometric albedo (reflectivity): 0.39

Atmospheric components: 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% argon

Surface materials: basaltic and granitic rock and altered materials

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