Cosmology is the study of the universe including its origin, structure and evolution. It is also any model that is said to represent the universe. It has undergone different stages in explaining the total complexity of the universe.

Early people thought that the universe is what they immediately interacted with such as earthquakes, changes on the environment and weather. Those that are beyond their daily experiences are believed to be supernatural. This is what they call as the age of Mythical Cosmology.

Historians said that the Egyptians developed their own cosmology that led them to their skill to divide the day from night. They were able to develop the lunar and solar calendar. The Babylonian Cosmology was more detailed in recording astronomical phenomena such as eclipse, setting of the moon and movements of planets.

The ancient records about the universe became the backbone of modern cosmology. Many philosophies were built in order to explain the wonders of the universe. Mathematics and science were used hand in hand by the scientists in order to explain what they have observed about the planets, moon, stars and the other parts of the universe. The scientific approach of the Western cosmology produced the Big Bang Theory and the Steady State Hypothesis.

Up to the present, philosophies are being established by mankind in the search for the expanding curiousness about the universe.

Cosmology in Crisis?