Charge-coupled device or CCD is a device wherein an electrical charge is received and transferred to another area where it can be manipulated such as converting it into a digital value. This charge-couple device can be used as an imaging device with the use of image sensors. Its silicon surface is sensitive to light.

The light is focused on an array of picture elements or pixels. These collect the electrons, which are the representatives of the intensity of light that is projected on the sensor. This imaging device is a major technology in digital imaging. Its ability to produce high-quality image data where light detection is allowed became a huge help in the medical and scientific field.

In astronomy, charge-coupled device image sensor cameras are used on high powered telescopes. The imaging device can focus on one spot in space for a number of hours once the telescope is synchronized with the rotation of the Earth. Astronomers also use this technology in taking long exposures of the galaxies through auto-guiding. Through this process, a second CCD chip is used to look into the deviations during the imaging process. This can detect errors and allow the mount motors to correct them at once.

Camera Charge Coupled Device