Averted Vision

Few of us know that at night time, the retina in our eyes are more sensitive to light than the center. Staring at the side of the object rather than directly at it provide more details. This is one of the observation techniques used by astronomers when looking at a bright object in the sky. Through the aid of a telescope, astronomers use their averted vision if they want to see an object that is too large but too faded in the human eye.

Although this technique is used with scientific reliability, there is no scientific journal written that involves the use of the averted vision. This is because there are more modern and advanced equipments used today that greatly helps scientists and astronomers in the quest of knowledge regarding the mystery of the outer space.

For the space enthusiast who really loves to observe the night sky through their home-based telescopes, a deeper and greater appreciation of the outer space can be achieved by using this observation technique. One can observe very distant stars and galaxies that look blurry at first glance. Using the averted vision technique can bring about more details that can delight to the casual observer.

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