Autumnal Equinox

One fact about autumnal equinox is that it is regarded as the first day of fall. At the start of autumnal equinox, people experience day and night time equally, due to the fact that the earth is at the point of its revolution where the axis is not aligned with its orbit. Equal amount of sunlight is experienced both in the northern and southern atmosphere.

For the record, it is believed that there will be twelve (12) hours of daytime and twelve (12) hours of night time. At first glance, this can be the case but according to astronomers, the length of night time and day time is not equal. The length can be closer to twelve hours but not equal. This is due to the setting and rising of the sun to places that are far from the equator.

The dates of the autumnal equinox vary from year to year but not too far. This is because of the discrepancies in the calendar days, such as the leap year. The earth’s planetary motion is also one of the factors that affect the exact number of days it revolves around the sun. This motion is called the earth’s “wobble” on its axis.

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