It is a common fact that there are special and advanced equipments that are used to capture an image of a celestial body along with its vivid details and colors. One advanced equipment needed is the auto guider. Celestial bodies are constantly in motion and any changes in its position will mean a blurry image as it passes across the viewing range of the telescope. Without an autoguider, the photographer will need to constantly adjust the telescope and the high definition camera’s focus every minute for every day. This cumbersome task is now solved through the use of an autoguider.

The autoguider is attached to the lenses of the telescope and then connected to a computer with an autoguider software. The autoguider calculates accurately the next position of the monitored celestial body by reading the lights captured in each pixel of the captured image. The accuracy is also based on the lights falling on the sub pixels.

To date, there are numerous images of the heavenly bodies that contain the vivid colors and details together with its various positions in the sky. This was once an almost-impossible and cumbersome task but now, it is a giant leap in the field of astronomy.

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