It is easy to capture images of animals, people and other objects here in our planet. With the right combination of lights and shadows and a high-speed and high-resolution camera, a photographer can produce a picture with a dramatic and aesthetic effect. However, some of the techniques used for ordinary photography cannot be used to capture images from the night sky. It requires the use of special lenses and a powerful telescope to provide more details. These special lenses are chemically treated to filter some of the colors of the stars and other heavenly bodies.

In the past, astrophotography was used only to produce pictures that are used for books and Hollywood and background effects. Today, astrophotography is used for scientific research. With the use of powerful and larger optical telescopes, details that were not visible to the human eye, have now become prominent. Since the earth is rotating and revolving constantly, the positions of the powerful optical telescopes have to be repositioned in order to monitor the specific heavenly bodies under watch.

It is interesting to note that this is where stars and galaxies mapping have become possible, helping astronomers study closely the universe and its components.