Man has a never-ending interest about the heavenly bodies he sees at the sky, day and night. During the ancient times, the sun, moon and the stars are heralded as gods and goddesses with whom each one gets its fortune and destiny. Certain events such as solar and lunar eclipse signify something that will happen in the future. Even the position of the heavenly bodies at the time of a person’s birth connotes various meaning that will bear significance all throughout one’s life. All of these thoughts are regarded as esoteric and only a few individuals are given the capabilities to read the movements and positions of the stars and planets.

However, the fascination is still there, not because of what it means to their lives during the ancient times but it is of what happened in the space and what will become of it and its impact in our lives, both ancient and modern. Astronomy is one of the most ancient sciences. From rudimentary telescopes and other ancient equipments to the most advanced telescopes with computer software systems, man will not stop to know and learn the previous, current and future state of affairs between the heavenly bodies and the universe.

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