The Heavenly body and its components never failed to fascinate men since the beginning of time. During the ancestral times, every movement of the planets and the stars bears a significant influence in their lives. The motion and position of each celestial body with its scientific measurement is known as astrometry.

This field of astronomy was once regarded as an unusual interest and very few people partake to study this. Regarded as an esoteric science, before, it was only during the 16th century where scientists saw the significance of this field of astronomy.

With the previously recorded position of the stars with regards to its neighboring celestial bodies, astronomers can fairly identify a stellar object by basing to these past observations. It also helped some of the modern astronomers identify other existing solar systems in the universe. Astrometric techniques also paved the way to accurately detect any celestial objects that come closer to the earth.

With the help of modern equipments such as high-speed and high-resolution cameras connected to powerful computers, astrometry has gone a long-way up. Nowadays, computer software is produced to bring about the most accurate scientific measurement of the celestial bodies’ movement and positions which is essential in the study of heavenly bodies and its future.

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