Anti matter is made of anti atoms. Anti atoms are made of anti-electrons (positrons) and anti quarks exchange photons and gluons (anti particles). Particles move in one direction, while the anti particle moves the opposite direction in a complex space time. Electrons that are moving in the same direction in external time, is the result of complex movement of positron in complex space time.

Anti matter is called as charge conjugation transformation as it is also reflected in time. The reflection tosses back the matter that makes it the exact opposite in its direction. The left neutrino becomes right neutrino then the electric charge. The negative electron becomes the positive positron and color charge. The red quark becomes the anti red quark. This explains the special relativity when particle and anti particle meet, their motion affects the complex time and then combined into a photon with zero movement.

Anti matter can be artificially produced with atoms of antihydrogen, which is composed of negatively-charged antiproton orbited with positively charged positron. Anti matter are also created naturally high-energy particle collisions collide. Anti matter can also be produced in regions such as the Milky Way Galaxy. Other galaxies with high energy celestial events are resulting to evident by gamma rays.