Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy is the spiral galaxy that is nearest to the Milky Way Galaxy. Its distance is about 2 million light years from Earth and with a diameter of 200,000 light years. Andromeda Galaxy is considered to be the largest galaxy. For the past centuries, the astronomers thought that Andromeda Galaxy was a part of Milky Way. But Edwin Hubble concluded in 1920’s that it was a separate galaxy.

Andromeda Galaxy is included in a cluster of galaxy also known as the Local Group. The Local Group consists of Milky Way system, The Triangulum Nebula, The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, NGC 6822 and other small spiral galaxies. Andromeda Galaxy has a large collection of stars formed in spiral arms. Constellation Andromeda appears to enfold the stars and this is how the galaxy was named after it.

Andromeda Galaxy’s new amazing images were captured by NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer and the Spitzer Space telescope. Andromeda Galaxy was recently discovered of its hotter zones crammed with stars. There is also a cooler side of Andromeda Galaxy that appears with dusty regions from sprouting stars. Andromeda Galaxy is estimated to contain 1 trillion stars captured by Spitzer Space Telescope.

Andromeda Galaxy appears to be blurry that is visible to the naked eye. It will appear six times larger than a full moon if viewed from a larger telescope.

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