Pluto Pictures

Texts and descriptions are fine and dandy, but to see planet Pluto for what it is is another thing altogether.  Enjoy these pictures of Pluto.

Pluto Large View

View of Pluto from one of its moons

Pluto rotating animation

Pluto Orbit

Core of Pluto

Pluto size comparison




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  1. maniya

    i have to do a brochure about pluto

  2. Melissa

    This picture is sooo cool! I am doing a brochure on Pluto and this really helped! Thanks!

  3. neil

    pluto is freezing.Pluto can freeze you to death! from neil armstrong nasa crew as well

  4. Vince Morand

    This is NOT a photo of Pluto. It is either an artist’s impression, or a photo of another body in the Solar System. The best images of Pluto that we have are very blurry photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Look it up in Wikipedia.

  5. aziza

    this is a really goood pic of pluto<333

  6. Goose

    this picture is koo

  7. Lizzy

    This is so cool! I love this! I really want for scientists to go on Pluto and explore it, don’t you? I love the planets, they are so cool!

  8. David Farmbrough

    A brochure on it? Why, are you organising day trips?

  9. pluto

    i love this website!!

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    i like this alot

  11. butttttttttttheeeeeaddd

    this is so ASOME

  12. butttttttttttheeeeeaddd


  13. Taylor

    wow,this pic really helped

  14. christianna

    OMG we have to do this stupid project on a planet and I chose pluto so this is very helpful

  15. amber

    is pluto a planet or not

  16. Sorry Cant Say

    Some people are saying that Pluto is not a planet I think it . oh and I have to do a brochure on it too and this really helped alot thankyou :)

  17. raymond

    i really love this pic. its a turn on:)

  18. Lynna

    i have to do a brochure too

  19. Amanda

    It is the smallest planet I haved learned about!Soool coool!

  20. Samantha

    Hey Peopleeee (:

  21. Samantha

    Samantha Garcia Wass Hereeee ! :D

  22. Jenissa

    i love this website this website helped me on my science project who made this website, i thank that person so much bye!

  23. emmey

    im doing a report on pluto really need pics and this helps so much as well !!!! by the way anyone love pretty little liars !!!! i luv it

  24. guadalupe gonzales

    pluto is a planet yes or no

  25. Eric

    Pluto is a dwarf planet, a relatively new classification. We don’t have close-ups of Pluto yet, but we can hopefully expect them in 2015 or so when the New Horizons probe gets out there.

  26. Scott Smith

    I’m afraid Vince is right, this is an artists rendition, the only pictures of Pluto are very blurry. someone should either clarify or take this down

  27. Annontmous

    thanx pics really helpod..LOL

  28. Awesome Person x2

    @ maniya: i have to do a project on pluto toooooo!

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    i realy love this web site it is soo helpfull im doing a stupid project now im almost done
    G2G opps my teachers mad at me see ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  31. tyler

    this can not be a picture of pluto because the pictures we have are blurred because they were seen through hubble space telecope

  32. Elizabeth Linares

    So im doing a powerpoint on the planet pluto and thanks alot because this website helped me out alot and I just cant thank you enough and im replying from HAAs middle school thanks alot!!!!!!<333

  33. Ryan

    Pluto project due soon hav 2 hury

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    im doing a brochure too on pluto who was ur teach

  35. David hicks

    Let’s trust wikipedia you moron.

  36. RoarMonster

    HEEEYYYY WERE DOING A PROJECT TOO….just saying…yu all seem so happy

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    love it . im doing a science thingy and this really helped

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    soo helpful. thanks. im doin a project mrs Burns. i dont like her.

  39. The Doctor

    ps. “the doctor” as in doctor who. he travels through space and time. i just thought it would be funny XD lol plus it is the BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its on the channel “BBC America” if you were wondering…

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    i love learning about planets.=] its awesome!!!!

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    I really love pluto, I want to marry pluto. I really, really love pluto.

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  47. cory

    i have a science project for school about pluto

  48. brandon

    this helped me witha report thaanks

  49. gummybear5322

    i dont think this is a real pic cuz if u were actually in space it wouldnt be THAT clear and even if u edit the pic its still not that clear so this isnt a real pic

    thanx for reading:)

  50. callum

    i have to do every planet in 2 days :(

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    this planet is the cool that what i think (^.^)

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  55. andreww\

    this pic is fake, the best we have are blurry pictures from hubble. i have to do a brochure on pluto.

  56. rodolfo

    pluto is not cool:c

  57. 9

    I don’t think these are actual pictures. I believe all we have so far, are blurry pictures, because it is so far away and there aren’t probes that study it. Very cool site, though.

  58. Awesome chick

    Great website! Helped a lot!!! Love your pics!!! Bye

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    I’m doin’ a report on Pluto. Great info.

  64. 3RROR

    WOW. That’s cool. I would like to go to Pluto someday… :)

  65. andon

    this is aswom what is pluto is it the smallest star in the univers is it true
    pluto is adwarf planet

  66. andon

    pluto is the nith planet from the sun