Milky Way Galaxy Facts

  1. Most people refer to this as either the Milky Way or Galaxy.
  2. The Milky Way is where Earth and our Solar System are located.
  3. Aristotle, in his Meteorologica, suggested that the Milky Way may be made up of distant stars.
  4. Galileo provided proof that the Milky Way did consist of stars when he used his telescope.
  5. The Milky Way contains approximately a minimum of 100 billion stars and a maximum of 400 billion.
  6. Similar to other galaxies, the Milky Way contains a bulge, disk, and halo.
  7. The bulge in the center of the Milky Way is said to contain old stars.
  8. The halo of the Milky Way is believed is said to contain dark matter and globular clusters.
  9. The disk is said to be made of young stars, dust, and gas.
  10. The Milky Way is known as a binary system.
  11. Other Dwarf Galaxies orbit the Milky Way.
  12. The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy.
  13. Looking up at the night sky, all the visible stars you see are part of the Milky Way Galaxy.
  14. The Milky Way’s center can be located in the direction of Sagittarius (Right Ascension = 19h / declination = “25″)
  15. The Milky Way’s size is about 30 kilo parsecs (100,000 light years) in diameter.
  16. The Milky Way’s thickness as we view it from earth is nearly 3,000 light years (just like a CD).
  17. The distance between the Milky Way’s center and Sun is estimated to be 25,000 to 28,000 (This estimate is still debatable)
  18. There are spiral arms (or at least they look like arms) coming out from the center of the Milky Way.
  19. In November 2010, researchers said that they discovered two large spherical bubbles of energy that are exploding to the north and south of the Milky Way’s center.
  20. It will take the Sun, along with the Solar System, more or less 220,000,000 years to make a complete rotation around the Milky Way.
  21. Scientists have said that the Milky Way is a member of galaxies named the Local Group
  22. The Andromeda Galaxy is a similar galaxy as the Milky Way.
  23. No one can really say how old the Milky Way is, guess-timates put it at about 13 billion years old.
  24. The Latin translation for Milky Way is Via Lactea.
  25. The Greek word for Galaxy is Galaxias or ????????.

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    The globular clusters are both above and below the galaxy’s spiral arms that lie in the plane of the ecliptic. They are NOT in the plane of the ecliptic itself which is where the Halo of mass lies. It is more correct to think of the mass in the Halo not as weight but speed. Particles in a cyclotron gain ‘mass’ as they gain speed. no# 8
    Think of a top spinning. The equator of the top is where you would find the Halo of the galaxy. It is more correct to think of this as energy that is recycled into the arms of the galaxy. Think of a water fountain at a park with a jet of water shooting up and then spraying out in every direction. We back up until we are out of the range of the falling water. In a galactic center this jet of energy shoots out from the center both sides and sprays in a arch the entire galaxy wide. Because there are two jets of spray they form a dome each and meet, where they meet is the Halo. There mass is the greatest. No# 19 The globular clusters are bystanders that get showered on by this energetic spray. perhaps this energy spray helps them maintain their enviable coherence.

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    if all telascopes around the world would at the same time looked at the stars. and if the stars were moving away from earth from all points around the world that would prove the milkey way is the center of the universe

    furthermore. science prooved billions of years ago stars was closer to the milkeyway. and in the above case and this one we are the center of the universe
    and the big bang. the above has yet to be tested to proove my theory.
    if i am right then we are the center of it and the milkey way is not moving
    and thats another thing. prove the milkey is not floating away ,, i noticed in
    my findings everything is moving away from us and the milkeyway.

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    all galixys are held together by a black hole in its center. or somthing with gravity strong as a black hole
    ever ask yourself why is everything in space circler or global shaped as default.
    the universe is global shaped which helps suport the big bang theory. being
    that such a explosion would shoot everything in all directions. and heres a shocker for you. earth is not the result of the big bang. it came after that.. to prove this.
    reaf my other post. about how this can be proven.

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