Jupiter Pictures

Texts and descriptions are fine and dandy, but to see planet Jupiter for what it is is another thing altogether.  Enjoy these pictures of Jupiter.

Clear View of Jupiter

Jupiter and its moon

Jupiter Full Size


Aurorae on Jupiter

Voyager View of Jupiter

X-ray shot of Jupiter aurorae



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    Jupiter has a atmosphere but its not solid its a gas planet to bad. I would love to go in Jupiter but you cant either way it is always raining acid in it so that means that its atmosphere is toxic. So you cant land in it with a space craft OR space suits because only its core is solid AND BELIEVE ME ITS CORE IS HOT AND THE REASON I KNOW IS BECAUSE. JUPITER IT SELF TAKES IN ALL THE SUNS ENERGY THAT HITS IT AND KEEPS IT IN THERE LIKE A GREEN HOUSE WOULD.(if you don’t know what a green house it is where they put plants in a house looking tent and it keeps the heat and all moister inside the miniature house) SO BACK TO WHAT I WAS SAYING JUPITER KEEPS IN ALL THE HEAT AND IT GETS TO BE OVER 680 DECREES FAHRENHEIT THAT’S HOT. ANYWAYS THAT’S ALL I HAVE TO SAY IF YOU WANT MORE INFO JUST REPLY HERE AND ILL GIVE YOU MORE. (I’M A COLLEGE STUDENT LEARNING ABOUT THE UNIVERSE SO I’M NOT TELLING LIES) JUST TO ADD A NOTE IF YOU WANT ME TO MAKE A WEBSITE JUST TELL ME K PEACE. THE COMMENT ABOVE IS FROM ME TO JUST SAYING.

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  • Midori

    These pictures are awesome. At the moment I am REALLY interested in space.
    From Midori

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