Gravity of the Sun

In terms of its mass, the Sun has an enormous amount of it. It is a fact that the more mass an object has, the stronger its gravity will be. So given the Sun’s unusually huge mass, it also has an enormous amount of gravity.

Here are the facts:

  • the mass of the Sun is 333, 000 times bigger than the Earth’s mass
  • the mass of the Sun is 1,048 times more than the mass of planet Jupiter
  • the mass of the Sun is 3,498 times bigger than the mass of the planet Saturn
  • the mass of the Sun composes about 99.8% of the mass of the entire Solar System

If you are to compare the Sun’s gravity with that of the Earth, it is 28 times stronger and bigger. And not to mention the fact that the surface of the Sun has a temperature that is about 5,800 Kelvin and it is composed mostly of hydrogen.

To better illustrate the strength of the Sun’s gravity, let’s take an example. Let us say for instance that you weigh 100 kilograms here on Earth. If you are on the surface of the Sun, you would feel like you weigh 2,800 kilograms. This is because the Sun’s gravity is 28 times that of the Earth’s gravity
The gravity of the Sun pulls all of its own mass into a nearly perfect sphere. At the Sun’s center or core, temperatures and pressures run so high that fusion reactions can easily occur. The huge quantity of light, pressure, and energy streaming out of the Sun counteracts its gravity pull. The effects and influence of the gravity pull of the Sun could extend out for up to two light years away, the point at which the pull and gravity from other neighboring stars is bigger if not stronger.

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    I don’t get it -.- What is the gravity of the sun?

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    sir as you have said. the helium reactions take place on the sun. so its a fussion reaciton. meaning like something explodes. as a result everything projects out ward. besides, if sun is full of helium and hydroges(90%) , and if the sun has that much gravity(28 times , the earth) , then it means that if we combine helium in the labotry. then we can make gravity. which is not possible. so how can you say that sun has its own gravity. please provide some genuine reasons, plz send you;re answer here.

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    The sun will explode in 2012 and we all die

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    the apparent force of gravity isn’t only dependent on mass. it is dependent also on the density of the object. the force felt by an objects gravity is dependent on the distance from that object or the acceleration due to the force of gravity. the immense gravity of a blackhole is due to the enormous mass placed into a single point in space (singularity). as density increases gravity increases. desiity is the mass of an object divided by the area in which that object occupies. as area goes to zero the desity goes to infinity…basically a blackhole happens with the universe decides to dived by zero.


    what hold the heavenly bodies in space including the sun ?

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    how will we avoid solar flare

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    I don’t get it. If the mass of the Sun is 333,000 times that of earth, how come gravity is only 28 times? Why not 333,000 times?

    A black hole has a mass of 10 times the Sun upwards (supermassive black holes are known that have mass over a billion times the Sun mass). The gravity of a 10 solar mass black hole must be enormous, since even light cannot escape it. 10 x 28 x earth gravity doesn’t come close to being the mass of even the smallest black hole.

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    does the orbit of planets have gravity or is the sun’s gravity respnsible for the suspension of planets in the space

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    What about deep under water on earth, near hydrothermal vents? How heavy is the water pressure there, is it equal to 28x that of sea level? theoretically it would be if you go deep enough, but does the ocean have such depths? and if so, what kind of chemical reactions (like how you mentioned fusion can happen on the suns surface in part due to the heavier gravity levels) could then occur?

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